Sorry, I’m not Neil Strauss. That was just me paying homage to similar men who came before me and to a book that makes for a great read. In terms of my literal socioeconomic standing, I’m a complete average Joe. In terms of my self-regard and aura, I am a fucking phoenix. As a Ginger, I mean that almost literally. Anyway, I made this website for three reasons.

1.) It’s fun. And exciting. Seduction is like really fun and exciting. That’s why dating apps exist in the first place, why the “bar scene” has been around since the discovery of socially-lubricating alcohol, and why prostitution is said to be the oldest profession in the world.

2.) It’s practice.


They say not even women can figure women out. Well this is practice at figuring out what’s going on in women’s heads. A good shooter takes a lot of jump shots. A good salesperson makes a lot of sales calls. The same applies in flirting & romance. If the right woman appears in my life one day, hopefully my practice will have helped me to know what to say and to have the confidence to say it.


I’m Sunny D, not Sonny from A Bronx Tale, so I don’t know if I’ve had any of my great ones yet or if I’ve had them all already but I guess we’ll see.

3.) It’s me doing my part to combat both fuckery and lack of confidence in otherwise good men. Fuckboys are everywhere, we all know that. “Show your tits” and knuckle-eating whistles & cat-calls gotta’ go. Like yesterday. And good men that lack confidence might just need to see that all they’re doing is talking to another person. Another person that, yes, is probably way better looking and wearing some type of top in a shape you’ve never seen before but, yes, another person still!

For the record — I am not claiming to have slept with or even have met up with any of the   specific women I’ve posted. To me, this is more about being a wordsmith. Though, yes, I do fancy myself to be a bit of a cocksmith as well.



Peaches N Orange




For more information on William Wolfskill CLICK HERE!

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