Brunette Firecracker on Tinder

I connected with a very good looking & very stylish brunette on Tinder. Her face had me alone but her tattoos & sense of style made me even more interested. Even her profile claims of being a “witch” intrigued me as a self-proclaimed “shaman”. I’m pretty sure if a witch & a shaman get together there’s going to be either sparks or a complete fire. Anyway, since I was legitimately interested in this chick I didn’t over-extend myself and I kept things simple, honest, & witty. As of now the conversation is at a stalemate but I will definitely be throwing out one more feeler since a good cocksmith never gives up when he has a potential queen in sight. I’d also like to note that in going back through the conversation, I could have answered the best friend question with a much better & much smoother answer — “that’s what I’m looking for”. Probably would have gone over much better. But oh well, I’m brutally honest and usually just type or say the first thing that comes to mind. We’ll see what happens. Like Kanye told us in “I Put On For My City”, I feel like there’s still women that owe me sex.

Sunny D, Real Orange Juice






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