Snapbacks n’ Tattoos from Tinder

I connected with a younger girl from my neighborhood that I do not know on Tinder. She appeared to be at least part jungle cat. Jungle cat, a word you’ll probably hear tossed around here often, is my absolute favorite type of woman. A jungle cat is a dark, exotic looking woman. The darker or the more exotic looking, the better. I’ll take a full-blown panther if I can get one. I actually switched it up on my approach with this brunette and referenced the rap song “Snapbacks and Tattoos” since one of her photos is her wearing a snapback hat. That said, one of the absolute best pick-up lines I’ve developed is to ask a darker woman “what jungle she’s from” and then continuing the conversation up with some remarks on how pretty & exotic looking she is. Sometimes I’ll just ask generally where a woman is from, let her answer, and then tell her that I think she’s been lied to and that she’s from somewhere much more exotic like a really nice piece of the rainforest. This formula can also be used for beautiful blondes too. Instead of the jungle, just tell the blonde you could have sworn she was from Johannesburg in South Africa or like a really nice lake in Sweden somewhere.   Sunny D




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