Bartending Blonde from Bumble

I connected with a pretty, bar tending blonde on Bumble. Our conversation started off a bit ordinary and, though that’s fine for a little to show a woman you’re not a total dog or maniac, I wanted to quickly divert the dialogue to something more fun, humorous, and complimentary so I brought up her pretty unique style. Though everyone’s styles and preferences may vary, I’m pretty sure almost anyone can appreciate a well-dressed woman. Especially one that makes an effort to try different, edgier, and more unique things. I’m also pretty sure most women that go that extra mile won’t mind being complimented on their efforts too much either. I threw in some humor and eventually the direct & honest question of if she’d want to get a drink with me so I could “try to woo” her. She agreed. You know why? Because I’m coming off as confident & fun and girls like confidence & fun. I’m pretty sure Cyndi Lauper wrote a song about it.    Sunny D




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